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UMD – Universal Mag Drive

VIKING Universal Mag Drive® Internal Gear Pumps
Sealless, Industrial Duty Pumping for Crucial Liquid Containment Applications

Viking's Universal mag-Drive (UMD) pumps are dimensionally interchangeable with current Viking Universal Series pumps and other competitors. Due in part to the multiple port configurations and sizes that Viking has available, this allows easy upgrade from a packed or mechanically sealed pump to a sealless design without the added cost of re-piping. Elimination mechanical seal replacement and associated maintenance costs reduce downtime and significantly reduce total cost of ownership.


Max. Differential
Cast Iron & Steel

200 PSI

14 Bar

Max. Differential
Stainless Steel

150 PSI

10 Bar

Max. Hydrostatic Pressure

400 PSI

27 Bar

Viscosity Range

28 to 250,000 SSU

1 to 50,000 cSt

Temp. Range (Std. Neodymium Iron Born Magnets)

-60° to 225°F

-51° to 107°C

Temp. Range (Optional Samarium Cobalt Magnets)

-60° to 500°F

-51° to 260°C

How we designed the UMD to address “Customer Benefits”

Cost effective sealless pump
Cost reductions average over 30% vs. existing mag drives and are reasonably priced above the cost of double seals with barrier systems, alarms, etc.

Minimize installation costs
No re-piping costs required when upgrading from packing or mechanical seal to sealless. Directly interchangeable with existing Viking U-Seal and Heavy Duty Series, along with many other competitor pumps.  Often can use existing gearbox, motor, base, coupling and guards.

Improve tolerance to accidental dry-run operation
Designed to tolerate temporary run-dry conditions if the internal components have been wetted.  Carbon graphite bushing and hardened cast iron / silicon carbide thrust washers have very good run-dry characteristics.  Heat build-up from eddy currents in magnet assembly only starts to be an issue above 1000 rpm.

Ease of maintenance
Make product more maintenance friendly by standard lifting eye & jacking screws permit pump assembly and disassembly without risk of injuries to fingers.  Simple, modular construction that does not need special tools makes maintenance fast and easy.

Provide reversible operation
Rotor support system and dual thrust control allows the pump to be operated in either direction without modification or pump disassembly. Allows for loading or unloading using one pump. Lowering system cost. It also locks rotor axially in place preventing contact with pump head during system upsets and regardless of rotation.

Bearing failure protection
Added to outer magnet assembly to prevent contact to canister in the event of a bearing failure.

Multiple port configurations, material and jacketing options
Wide array of pump materials available for internal and external components to match applications needs lengthens life of pump and lowers total cost of ownership. Also many port sizes, types, ratings, integral jacketed casings and jacketed heads are available as options. Provides easy solution to match customer requirements.

Viking has over 20 years of experience applying sealless pumps to some of the most challenging applications, including :

Polyurethane Chemicals

Methyl Methacrylate

Auto Clear Coat Resin


Styrene monomer

Propylene Oxide



Fire Retardants

Organic solvents


Sodium Silicate

Fuels, Fuel additives

Cocoa Butter

Ethylene Glycol

Pipeline sampling

High Fructose Sweeteners


Crude oil

Sugar Slurry


Epoxy resins


Liquefied Gases

Phenolic resins




Industrial Cleaners

Herbicides & Pesticides


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