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i-ALERT3 Sensor 

ITT i-ALERT3 is the advanced machine health sensor that quickly and accurately diagnoses status and warns of issues prior to occurrence for a variety of machines.

Easy, secure integration with existing processes and capabilities — be that automated diagnostics, remote monitoring, walkaround data collection, reliability monitoring experts or total rotating equipment management.

See fast results (including reduced costs and increased uptime) and gain peace of mind knowing the i-ALERT system is monitoring your equipment to discern which machines need attention, alert you of issues before occurrence, and focus preventive actions to avoid large repairs, failures and downtime.

Technical Specifications

  • Vibration: 3-Axis, 4 to 5kHz (X,Y,Z)
  • Temperature: -40°C to +84°C (-40°F to +183°F) T3
  • -40°C to +60°C (-40°F to +140°F) T4
  • Data Storage: 170 Days (based on hourly data)
  • Analysis: Machine Run-Time, Vibration Spectrum, Kurtosis
  • User defined Vibration bands, Motor Electrical Health Trending
  • Wireless: Bluetooth 5™, Range 30-100m (100-300ft)
  • Power: Lithium Battery, Replaceable, 2-3 Year Average Life (use dependent)
  • Environment: IP68 / NEMA4x, Intrinsically Safe C101 (Zone 0)


Monitor your machines right from your phone with the free mobile app.

Available for both iOS and Android smart phones.

i-ALERT Ai Platform with Diagnostics

Monitor all of your i-ALERT sensors and machines from a simple web interface.

AI Platform FAQ

Actionable Information & Automated Diagnostics

  • Based on vibration spectrum analysis and developed over 30 years the i-ALERT automated diagnostics software will detect a machine fault event, determine the fault severity, provide the fault type and recommendations to remedy the fault.
  • Automated vibration diagnostics works with pumps, fans, centrifugal blowers, agitators, mixers, electric motors and gearboxes.
  • Additional machine types in progress. Contact the i-ALERT team for additional information.

i-ALERT Gateway

Add remote monitoring capabilities by leveraging remote data collection devices.

The i-ALERT Gateway provides a secure connection between the i-ALERT sensors and the i-ALERT Ai portal. Apply power and let the gateway automatically connect to the cellular network and configure all the i-ALERT sensors in range.

Technical Specifications

  • Cellular WAN: LTE, 3G
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0 (Max 12.5 dBm)
  • Wireless Range: 30-100m (100-300ft)
  • Power: 120-240 VAC or 6-90 VDC
  • Temperature: -30
Flexible Data Collection and Access

i-ALERT Gateway