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IMO – Three Screw


IMO – Three Screw

 เป็นปั๊มแบบไหลตามแกน (axial flow) ประกอบด้วยเกลียวที่เจียรนัยอย่างละเอียด 3 ตัว ขบกันอยู่ในตัวเรือนที่มีขนาดพอดี (close-fitting housing) จะให้การไหลที่ต่อเนื่องไม่กระโชก มีเสียงเบาและประสิทธิภาพสูง เพลาเกลียวตาม (idler rotors) ทั้งสองทำหน้าที่กันการรั่วระหว่างการหมุน และติดตั้งแบบให้หมุนได้อิสระตามการหมุนของเพลากลาง จะไม่มีภาระแรงตามแนวรัศมีรวมทั้งแรงในแนวตามแกนเพลาถูกออกแบบให้สมดุลจึงไม่ต้องใช้ลูกปืนกันรุน (thrust bearing) ใช้สำหรับงานที่ต้องการแรงดันสูงๆ และ ของเหลวที่ใช้ควรจะต้องมีคุณสมบัติของการหล่อลื่น

Three screw pumps are the largest class of multiple screw pumps in service today. They are commonly used for machinery lubrication, hydraulic elevators, fuel oil transport and burner service, powering hydraulic machinery and in refinery processes for high temperature viscous products such as asphalt, vacuum tower bottoms and residual fuel oils. Three screw pumps also find extensive use in crude oil pipeline service as well as gathering, boosting and loading of barges and ships. They are common in engine rooms on most of the world's commercial marine vessels and many combat ships. Flow rates are available from 1 to 3300 GPM (4 to 13,250 L/M) or for operating pressures to 4500 PSIG (310 BAR). Subject to material selection limitations, three screw pumps are also used for polymer pumping in the manufacture of synthetic fibers such as nylon and lycra. Designs are now available in sealless configurations such as magnetic drives and canned arrangements. The magnetic drive screw pump is used extensively for pumping isocyanate, a plastic component which is an extremely difficult fluid to seal using conventional technology. Pumps are also now available in sealless canned configurations. Three screw pumps are renowned for their low noise levels, high reliability and long life. Three screw pumps are capable of water injection services (Tritec) as well as high pressure coolant service for machine tools (Emtec) For more information, click here.

Warren Twin Screw Pump

ปั๊มชนิดสองสกรู สามารถใช้งานได้หลากหลาย ในทุกประเภท โดยสามารถใช้งานได้ในงานลักษณะส่งถ่ายของเหลวในระยะทางไกลๆ หรือ ใช้ในงาน Unloading

Generally, two screw or twin screw pumps are more costly to produce than three screw pumps and thus are not in as extensive use. They can, however, handle applications that are well beyond many other types of pumps including three screw designs. Twin screw pumps are especially suited to very low available inlet pressure applications especially if the required flow rates are high. Services similar to three screw pumps include crude oil pipelining, refining,  hot, viscous product processing, synthetic fiber processing, barge unloading, fuel oil burner and transfer as well as unique applications such as adhesive manufacture, nitrocellulose explosive processing, high water cut crude oil, multiphase (gas/oil mixtures) pumping, light oil flush of hot process pumping, cargo off-loading with ballast water as one of the fluids, tank stripping service where air content can be high and paper pulp production needing to pump over about 10% solids. Materials of construction range from cast irons and steel through stainless steels, hardened rotors and hard face inlays and coatings. Most twin screw pumps are made-to-order and can provide extensive customization where required by customer needs. For more information, click here.

For over 100 years, Warren Pumps has been providing cost-effective solutions for the most challenging pumping applications. Warren Twin-Screw Pumps are engineered to provide optimum performance at the lowest possible life-cycle costs for a given installation.

The Warren twin-screw pump is extremely versatile and can be engineered to meet any type of application. The manufacturing process permits varying screw pitch and profile which results in an infinite range of performance capabilities.

Operating Range:


5-5,000 gpm

(1-1150 m3/h)


0-1450 psid

(0-100 bar)


0-750 °F

(-18 – 400 °C)


0.2 – 2,000,000 cst


Warren Advantages:

  • Years of proven reliability in a large variety of difficult pump applications

  • Pumps are capable of handling liquids containing abrasive solids and/or gas

  • Wide range of materials and mechanical seal designs available

  • High efficiency / Low energy costs

  • Low shear rates / minimal product degradation

  • Very low NPSHR