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"CORKEN" Vane Pump
by Udomlak : 09 February 2012 09:06:51

PZ-Series Coro-Vane® Petroleum Pumps

New! PZ-Series Coro-Vane® Petroleum Pumps

The PZ-Series Coro-Vane® Petroleum pumps are a positive displacement vane design. They produce a maximum differential pressure of 125 psig (8.6 bar) and a maximum working pressure of 200 psi (13.8 bar). Corken manufactures two sizes of PZ-Series Coro-VaneÒ pumps with a capacity up to 160 gpm (605 L/min).

Applications :

Typical applications for the PZ-Series Coro-Vane® pumps include fuel oil delivery trucks and stationary applications involving refined petroleum products and industrial solvents.

Features and Benefits :

• Bundled Packages Available: Includes a Corken pump and Liquid Controls meter and register for assured system compatibility.

• Flange to Flange “Bolt-In” Replacement for Other Truck Pumps: Simplifies retrofit installations on most fuel oil trucks.

• Nonmetallic Vane Driver Design: Does not penetrate or damage the vane even at high RPM.

• Reversible Sideplates: Corken’s sideplates are designed to be used on both sides which extends the service life of the pump.

• Maintenance Made Simple: By removing only eight bolts, you have easy access to the sideplate, mechanical seal, and vanes.

• Conveniently Located Drain Plug: Enables you to easily remove residual fluids before performing system maintenance.

• Ductile Iron Construction: Provides superior mechanical properties for the pump casing and heads.

• Two Bypass Options: For mobile applications, the pump is equipped with a standard bypass valve or an Air Operated Valve (AOV) for high and low flow control.

Mounting Options :

The PZ-Series is currently available with two mounting options: belt drive for stationary applications and hydraulic drive for mobile transfer applications. The PZ-Series are designed to run up to 800 RPM.

Multi-Product Package Offering :

As part of our continuous effort to expand into new markets, Corken has teamed up with Liquid Controls, a specialist in fluid measurement, to offer a new line of PZ-Series Coro-Vane® (rotary vane) pumps for petroleum tank wagons. Liquid Controls strong presence in the petroleum market provides Corken with a tremendous opportunity for growth. The Liquid Controls meter and electronic register, combined with the superior performance of Corken’s new PZ-Series petroleum pump can now be specified from participating distributors and truck builders.

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